Making the decision to buy kitchen cabinets is only the first in a series of choices that will need to be made. The styles, colors and design options are plentiful. If you’re trying to decide if RTA kitchen cabinets make sense for a purchase, you’ll find there are many compelling reasons to go this course.

When you buy cabinets online from us, you will find that our designs are RTA. This means they arrive at your door in ready-to-assemble format. While this might seem unusual to anyone outside the building industry, the fact is this selection is quite sound. When you buy kitchen cabinets online through our store, you’ll receive high-end pieces that only call for a little bit of work to assemble on your end.

By making the choice to go with RTA kitchen cabinets, you’ll discover these perks:

Cost savings – RTA kitchen cabinets tend to cost a little less than other designs. When you order through Wholesale KB, however, the savings will be even more. Don’t worry about quality either. Our cabinets are all designed with high-end features. From the dovetail work on the drawers to the maple wood used in our products, we don’t believe in cutting corners, but we do cut your costs.

Ease of shipping – RTA kitchen cabinets are easier to ship to you with expediency than fully assembled designs. This can save you a great deal of time on shipping and may even save you a little more money along the way.

Personal satisfaction – When you buy kitchen cabinets from us, you’ll have a part in the final creation of these designs. Since you’ll have to assemble them, you’ll gain the sense of pride that comes from completing a job right. Don’t stress the assembly either; we make it easy for you.

When you want to buy kitchen cabinets online, we have the perfect solution. Our RTA kitchen cabinets save you time and money without sacrificing quality along the way. At Wholesale KB, we are here to serve you with high-end cabinets for less.

Whether you’re redoing a kitchen or bath for personal enjoyment or you are a contractor in need of a bulk order, ordering your cabinets online can make a great deal of sense. At Wholesale KB, we provide you an alternative to going from store to store to find quality products at affordable prices. Our RTA kitchen cabinets offer the craftsmanship you seek at pricing you just won’t believe.

Wholesale KB is a Texas-based business that specializes in exceptional products at discount pricing. We have earned a reputation for delivering only the best and aim to live up to just that with every order we handle. When you buy kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities from us, you will find that shopping online for cabinetry makes a great deal of sense.

When you buy cabinets online you will enjoy these advantages:

Easier ordering – At Wholesale KB, we make it very easy for our customers to place their orders through our online store. While we are always available to take orders personally, many of our customers prefer the expediency of online shopping.

Faster comparisons – Just browse our selection and you will see why so many customers choose to buy kitchen cabinets online. When our products are compared to our competitors’ our quality and exceptional pricing shine through. Shopping online makes it easier to compare not only pricing, but also craftsmanship and exact specifications.

Expedient shipping – Many of our RTA kitchen cabinets are in stock and ready to deliver to your door. While some orders require specialty work, most ship within one to three weeks. This can expedite your building and remodeling projects, which is always a bonus.

Cost savings – It is often less expensive for online merchants to operate their business. In our case, we pass this savings along to you. Ultimately that means when you buy cabinets online from us, you’ll save even more.

Making the decision to buy cabinets online is a sound choice to make. When you opt to order from Wholesale KB, you can count on receiving high-end products for less. We offer you the finest cabinets at incredible pricing.

To order any of our RTA kitchen cabinets, just shop our convenient online store located on the left of our site. You can also contact us directly at 972-922-8280 for personalized service.

When some people want to buy kitchen cabinets they shop only by price. Wise consumers learn to not only pay attention to pricing, but also quality. Finding high-end cabinets for less isn’t always easy, but there are certain hallmarks to look for. When you order RTA Kitchen Cabinets from Wholesale KB, you’ll find our products stand up to the litmus test for quality.

Wholesale KB  is a Texas-based business that enables consumers to buy cabinets online with confidence. Our dedication to offering high-end products at discount pricing has made us a leader in the industry. When quality matters, our cabinets will please.

So, what do you need to look for to determine if you are buying a quality cabinet? These are some of the points worth pondering:

The selection of wood – Many cabinet companies use cheap particleboard in their construction. While they might use some oak in their designs, the overall product lacks in quality. At Wholesale KB, we use only maple in our products. Even our plywood, by the way, is crafted from this high-end, durable wood.

The box construction – Many companies use cheap box construction methods that rely heavily on plastics. At Wholesale KB, we use the state-of-the-art I-Beam method. This lends greater strength and durability to our designs, enabling you to buy kitchen cabinets online with confidence in a quality purchase.

The drawer construction – Drawers are a very big deal in cabinet design. If they are made cheaply, the entire product suffers. Our RTA kitchen cabinets are crafted with solid wood dovetailed drawers. We even offer under mount soft close drawer slides for added value.

While many competitors use camlock construction, we go above and beyond to produce products meant to last. At Wholesale KB, we want you to be able to buy kitchen cabinets online and enjoy them for years.

To find out more about our RTA kitchen cabinets and bathroom designs, just shop our online store. You can also contact us directly with any questions you may have. At Wholesale KB, we are here to serve you with high-end cabinets for less. Quality is part of everything we do.

Yes, the doors can be mounted for either left or right hinge swing.

None of our cabinets contain MDF or particle board. Please see cabinet construction page here for more info.

Yes, our cabinets are more than strong enough to hold up countertops of all materials.

Unfortunately we do not sell just doors. The only exception to that are the decorative end panels, which are actually doors, but they only come in widths that would fit on the sides of the cabinets.

We do sell sample doors here on the website, and if you purchase cabinets you will receive a refund for the sample door cost.

Yes, we prefer that customers who come in to see the showroom call ahead and set up an appointment since we don't have a traditional sales staff like retail store would have.

Some people do, but most people don't. It is really simple to assemble them and doesn't require any experience.

Wood glue is not required to assemble the cabinets, but it also wouldn’t hurt if you added some. We leave that up to the customer.

All of the cabinets and vanities come with a piece of toe kick, but most people like to create a uniform look across the front to hide the seams where the cabinets connect. For that, you will need to buy additional toe kick.

The manufacturing process has been improved to make sure that our cabinets are as eco-friendly as possible. All of the cabinet lines pass the new emissions standards that have been set by California, which are toughest in the country.

We try to keep a 3 months supply of everything on the website, but planning and forecasting isn't an exact science so occasionally we run out of an item.

We try to keep our prices as low as possible and not play the games of high prices with ridiculously big sales or discounts. We have one cabinet line on sale each month. Additionally throughout the year we will offer some discounts on discontinued product, or new lines, so keep checking the Promotions tab. We also have a contractor program and distributor program that offer discounts for bulk orders.

We do not offer installation services. We are strictly a wholesale distributor.

All base cabinets are going to be a standard depth of 24"

All wall cabinets are the standard depth of 12", unless otherwise stated.

All vanity cabinets are going to be a standard depth of 21"

To become a distributor, send an email to contact@wholesalekb.com

This is considered concealed damage, and can happen in transit without anyone knowing. This is why it is important to inspect each box within 48 hrs. If you discover concealed damage, please report it immediately.

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